Lead Rolls

Lead Rolls

Wakaflex can be used as a flashing on “Lead” Rolls. This has to be used if two connecting roofs have different interlocking tiles (1).

Use a 50x50mm softwood batten which is screw fixed to the tiling battens.

The softwood batten is covered by a packing batten topped with a Wood roll. For sealing the “lead” roll use two strips of Wakaflex with the butyl-strips parallel to it.

Choose a width of Wakaflex to cover the whole wood roll and 150mm of the tile to one side. For profiled tiles, the flashing should extend over the first roll. Do not use Wakaflex longer than 5m.

To lay the Wakaflex start on the wood roll and fix it with clout nails. Form it completely along the “lead” roll and fix it on the tile side using the butyl-strips.

Use a roller to ensure a water tight join to the tiles. The second part starts from the roof side which is now covered with Wakaflex. Fix it around the “lead” roll and end on the other side. Ensure that the second layer of Wakaflex is laid tight and without crinkles on the first layer.

Additional fixing with nails is not necessary due to the self-welding effect of Wakaflex. Finish the end of the “lead” roll with an additional piece of Wakaflex ensuring a 30mm overlap.

When using cover flashings on flat interlocking tiles, a GRP Secret Gutter must also be used.

On Plain tiles this can be achieved with soakers (2).

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