Ridge Saddles (Plain Tiles)

Ridge Saddles (Plain Tiles)

Wakaflex® can be used to form ridge saddles, especially when a prefabricated solution is not available due to non-standard details, for example a ridge join into a roof area. This can easily be achieved by using two pieces of Wakaflex® – one covering the ridge and the second sealing onto the roof area.

Start with the piece for the ridge (1). Cut to get a V-shape to match the angle of the two valleys and place on the ridge. Form a 20mm welt on the ridge=side of the piece.

To seal to the roof area, use a piece of 370mm width Wakaflex® with butyl-strips in a horizontal direction (2). Extend under the tiles by a minimum of 100mm and finish with a 20mm welt. Ensure a 30mm overlap to a piece (1) in all areas.

Remove the backing film from each piece and fix in place. Use the self-welding effect to seal the two parts together using a roller.

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