Sabetoflex Sealing Wood Burner Flues Outlet

Sabetoflex Sealing Wood Flue Outlet

Sabetoflex provides the perfect collar and flashing combination for wood burner flues with diameters ranging from 250mm to 270mm

Unlike traditional metal collars, up to three of which are needed to cover all pitches, Sabetoflex collars can be adjusted to suit the pitch and can be used just as effectively on flat and green roofs*. They can also be used to seal services from solar PV and solar thermal panels and in some cases can be used with roof windows.


*Please contact our technical Department for specific installation advice.



Product Features & Benefits

Sabetoflex kits come complete with a pre-installed Wakaflex sealing collar which provides an airtight seal with the roof. This offers a far better solution than standard lightweight metal flashings which provide no overall seal and can be inadequate on low pitches.The Wakaflex plate is provided with buty strips around the edge for easy fixing.


Colours & Sizes


Both diameters are available for low pitches 7°-32° and high pitches 31°-45°


Operating Temperatures

Wood Burner Outlet (Metal):

up to 400°C


Sabetoflex product information

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